Revenge – a Destructive Emotion

Of all the negative human emotions, revenge is one of the most destructive one. Humans get blinded by the burning desire to take revenge – in the process both parties (one who wants to take revenge as well as the receiver of the vengeance) get harmed. Most of us do not consciously realise that revengeContinue reading “Revenge – a Destructive Emotion”

Out of Box Thinking

Out of Box thinking is a well-known cliché in management jargon. It is used for innovative, nonlinear, disruptive original thinking beyond what appears to be  obvious. Such thinking has led to major inventions and innovations both in technologies and processes. For example, in most businesses, annual budgets used to be drawn up by extrapolating pastContinue reading “Out of Box Thinking”

How Effective Are Multiple Quality Checks

Anyone, who has travelled through any airport in India, would have noticed a strange obsession. The baggage tag on carry on baggage is checked multiple times by different persons – at the end of the security check, at the boarding gate, at the stairs of the aircraft. I always wondered what purpose did so manyContinue reading “How Effective Are Multiple Quality Checks”

Action and Result: are they correlated?

In my childhood, I used to read a children’s magazine called “Chandamama”. Every issue of Chandamama carried one story from a series called Vikram and Vaital. The premise is thus: Vikramaditya was a very wise and honest king. A tantrik (a spirit doctor) requests Vikram to help him in completion of a major ritual byContinue reading “Action and Result: are they correlated?”


There are a few well known and universally recognized principles in Economics and Finance when it comes to sick companies. These are  Do not throw good money to chase bad money Concept of sunk cost Cut your losses The Situation I was working as adviser to the scion of a traditionally managed Indian conglomerate. MyContinue reading “FUTURE IS BRIGHT”

Importance of Churning

A few decades back, when I, along with some friends, started our Management Consultancy practice in the field of Strategic Planning, it was a relatively new concept in the Indian industry. After a preliminary introduction to the organization, our engagement with the company generally started with a Brainstorming session with the senior management team. IContinue reading “Importance of Churning”