Importance of Churning

A few decades back, when I, along with some friends, started our Management Consultancy practice in the field of Strategic Planning, it was a relatively new concept in the Indian industry. After a preliminary introduction to the organization, our engagement with the company generally started with a Brainstorming session with the senior management team. IContinue reading “Importance of Churning”

Helping others without feeding own ego

This real life incident happened to me almost 25 years ago. I used to live in Delhi, with my house located very close to the airport.  One morning I got a phone call from a dear friend. His aged mother, who lived in Kolkata, was critically ill and he and his wife had to reachContinue reading “Helping others without feeding own ego”

Perils of Blind Spots in Human Resource Management (Part 1)

During the early years of my consulting career, I got associated with a small, but rapidly growing family owned, traditional organization. The leap in growth (where it was preparing to go Public) had its own perils. It painfully brought home the glaring inadequacies in the manpower of the organization – both in terms of theContinue reading “Perils of Blind Spots in Human Resource Management (Part 1)”

Perils of Blind Spots in Human Resource Management (Part 2) – A Conceptual Framework

Based on the experience mentioned in Part 1 of this story, I developed a remarkably simple (yet in my view a very powerful) model consisting of a 2 X 2 matrix, which can help senior management to map their executives and devise some meaningful strategies for their development.                              (I am a great fan of aContinue reading “Perils of Blind Spots in Human Resource Management (Part 2) – A Conceptual Framework”

The Activity Trap

This is perhaps the first humorous story which led me to start looking for management concepts in humour. Here goes the story: In a small town lived a famous sprinter who had represented his country in the Olympics. Let us call him Mr. Sprinter (Normally I would give him a real name but in thisContinue reading “The Activity Trap”

Customer Service

We all have had our frustrating moments dealing with the customer service departments of companies. The experience usually leaves one more confused or riled than ‘serviced’. In my capacity as a business consultant, I was once talking to the Customer Service executives of a large company which sold some Industrial Products.  The number of customersContinue reading “Customer Service”