Is this not the most eternal, existential question which human beings have been asking for ages? Many philosophers and religions have attempted to answer this question in their own way. I can not even dream of competing with the profound knowledge of the scriptures and philosophies when it comes to demystifying this question.  I, however,Continue reading “WHO AM I ?”

Out of Box Thinking

Out of Box thinking is a well-known cliché in management jargon. It is used for innovative, nonlinear, disruptive original thinking beyond what appears to be  obvious. Such thinking has led to major inventions and innovations both in technologies and processes. For example, in most businesses, annual budgets used to be drawn up by extrapolating pastContinue reading “Out of Box Thinking”

In Search of Joy

This title may surprise some of my readers as the normal term used is “In search of happiness” (this is also the title of a book written by my good friend Prof Rakesh Sarin of UCLA). Let me explain my thought process behind this unusual title.  Happiness (Hindi Translation Khushi) In my definition, Happiness isContinue reading “In Search of Joy”


Most of us are familiar with the concept of Product Lifecycle. But today let’s talk about Human Lifecycle. Traditional Ancient View As per the ancient Indian scriptures, human life was divided into 4 equal phases of 25 years each, assuming a 100 year life span. They were: Bramhacharya: This is the first stage (from childContinue reading “HUMAN LIFE CYCLE”


There are a few well known and universally recognized principles in Economics and Finance when it comes to sick companies. These are  Do not throw good money to chase bad money Concept of sunk cost Cut your losses The Situation I was working as adviser to the scion of a traditionally managed Indian conglomerate. MyContinue reading “FUTURE IS BRIGHT”


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